GLUE026 - MAY 2019 c29
   introducing the official self-titled full length album of skate artist/collagist, Sean Cullen's work as mystery graffito kid, SEENMR. in his own words, "this tape is a collection of work from the last 10 years of experimenting with sound. a sort of best-of from my years spent wandering the great American cities as a transient skateboard child. SP-404 in my backpack, spliff in my pocket. searching for truth through headphones. peace to all who i've encountered along the way. i hope you all enjoy. AND A BIG WORLD PEACE TO THA FREAKS. I GOT THE SUN ON MY SLEEVE. LOOK UP - YOU'LL FEEL IT TOO. FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER EVERYBODY. LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO WASTE."
   SEENMR keeps it real y'all and always with that homespun feel. rock this tape while warming your bones by the campfire light, or on a picnic date with Betty Sue.

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