GLUE027 - SEPTEMBER 2018 c28
   the debut from ORANGE FEELS PINK is a colorful endevour in heady disco meets exotic world beat collage. synths cast a moody, sci-fi tone while cinematic neon dance beats light up the floor and summon the party.
   tropical and world-music cut-ups infuse with mean house rhythms and driving breakbeat hip-hop. others however, like "@torres" and "Your Eyes Were Like A Sip of Tea" glide and unfold tenderly with their warped-out depth and ambiance nothing short of brilliant. this tape delivers everything from breakbeat bangers to world-music exotica beats to tender gospel collage, all with a definite and genuine sweet emotion. just check out "Asali" and you will hear why Glue Moon exists.

mastered by Odd Nosdam

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