GLUE015 - JANUARY 2016 c30

   the official debut from New Orleans- based futurist hip hop outfit, METATRON SIC-HOP. Producer Meta Gl!nn (Glenn Aucoin) keeps it gritty with head knockin' boom bap beats while emcee, Shawn Awesome professes the wisdom and illuminates thine mind thru rhyme. Nola OG, De Mar throws down for a few tracks to help sizzle up what the boys already have cooking in the hot skillet. Beats have thier own unique, experimental palette ranging from AM radio samples to classical renaissance 78 records, drawing influence from Kool Moe Dee to Madlib. Rhymes encourage you to lend an ear to THE WORD- as Shawn Awesome is one of the most smooth natural emcees to surface in a while y'all.

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