GLUE016 - JANUARY 2016 c15

   Enigma of cyber strangeness and cult horror soundtrack schitzo, LAMPGOD takes us on a tour of his day job on "My Publicist Told Me To Tell You, You Should Delete My Number." Let the lamp do the talking, as he casts a tone so stark even the coffee mug on the desk makes an oscillation.
  "Untied" glistens, sheens and bleeps in a sea of synths until kicking into a warped out dance transformer, while others like "Dreams of Being In the Water" and "Long Time Carrera" blip in and out of reality in a slow psychedelic horror. LAMPGOD would rather you turn inward to the lampgod in you than wonder about the man behind LAMPGOD. LAMPGOD would rather you page his beeper or leave a message with his assistant than you try to figure LAMPGOD out.

cover painting by Miza Coplin

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