GLUE013 - JULY 2014 c30
   DYNOOO's latest "These Flaws Are Mine to War With" emanates a haunting lucidity and epic loneliness, further distinguishing his unique palette and solidifying his place as a groundbreaking avant-electronic visionary.
the compositions are arranged with a keen sense of space and an affinity for musique concrète, building like classical movements complete with angelic string sweeps, cybernetic trap hi-hats and heavy elements of UK grime. the timbres used on this record design a deep listening space where visions are had and dreams rise to the surface. ghostly operatic choral voices echo in a gothic cathedral on "Holy Glea m" and the morphing sonics of "3nvy" and "Even drones fly away, and will do so eventually" conjure a vacant place in the memory between worlds. Glue Moon is honored to be a part of the release and celebration of this stunning opus.

art direction by: Yannick Val Gesto

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