GLUE013 - JULY 2014 c30

   DYNOOO's "These Flaws Are Mine to War With" emanates a haunting lucidity and epic loneliness, further distinguishing his unique palette and solidifying his place as a groundbreaking avant-electronic visionary.
compositions are arranged with an affinity for musique concrete and UK grime, building like classical movements with angelic string sweeps and cybernetic trap hi-hats. the timbres used evoke a dark space where visions are had and dreams rise to the surface. ghostly operatic choral voices echo in a gothic cathedral on "Holy Glea m" and the morphing sonics of "3nvy" and "Even drones fly away, and will do so eventually" conjure a vacant place in the memory between worlds. Glue Moon is honored to be a part of the release and celebration of this stunning opus.

"Dynooo deals his most striking body of work in 'These Flaws Are Mine To War With'. Paralleling the sheer contoured aesthetics of peers and like-minded artists such as James Ferraro, M.E.S.H. and TCF - whose remix was a highlight of Dynooo's 'Mesh N2 Air' LP - his 4th album since 2011 revels in hyper-lucid textures and finely layered, detailed dynamics rent in elegant, spacious arrangements to fall headlong for. It feels as though it's operating in multiple dimensions at once, strafing piquant pizzicato strings and choral synth voices across wide ambient scapes intersected with jarring percussive stabs long divorced from the dancefloor and now left lingering in the cloud. Whilst we can hear acute precedents in the 4th world and ambient pop of early '80s Haruomi Hosono, Dynooo's music is of its time, floating in polymetric planes made possible by new software. We've still not found the best word to describe the sensations this sorta music elicits, and that's always a very good indicator of uniqueness, if not brilliance."

art direction by Yannick Val Gesto

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