GLUE004 - JANUARY 2013 c60
   Sao Paulo, Brazil's tropicalia noise beautician, BABE, TERROR presents "College Clash," a tribute to american college basketball, telling a story of secret college meetings and sports battles in a forest camp.
   He tells listeners, "each song is the theme/anthem for each team and they come from every side of the world and they play, they clash during the nights like phantoms of teenagers of 70's /80's when the kids of nowadays are sleeping in their huts."
   Bringing the school spirit to a new height of creepiness with phantom voices from the bob cousy holy camp, "College Clash" is the lost soundtrack to the lonliest frat house party that you've only visited in dreams. The compositions flow like an ocean as loops arrive in splashing, seismic waves that crash against the mix and disintegrate into a mesmerizing sea of eeriness.

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