GLUE025 - SEPTEMBER 2018 c60
   the new work in motion straight from the heart of foretime, Fadechase Marathon by Brazilian noise-dance music pioneer, BABE TERROR is an hour long epic, vision-conjuring masterpeice vascillating between crunched baroque beats and hanuted, cinematic piano peices reminiscent of the ballroom scene in The Shining.
   crafted over the last few years by Claudio Szynkier in his home town of Sao Paulo, these are some of his deepest and most stunning works yet. buoys ding out at sea as passengers on an ancient ghost ship have a VHS-powered dance party.
   Szynkier likes to call this new album a "lodge-fi, grotto-house, cave-wave monument made for myself and listeners with me since 2008. But maybe it can also be called a monument for the people in need of a major trip."

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