GLUE021 - NOVEMBER 2016 c26

   producer legend/deep family, ODD NOSDAM brings us "OFF TAPES," a super-special, unreleased collection of early collage + beat vignettes + experiments from his cLOUDDEAD era back in the late 90s.
   all tunes are recorded DR. SAMPLE 202 straight to 8-track tape in 1998-99 and remastered off tape at his Berkeley, California studio in 2016.
    salvaged from a box in the moms' attic, these beats hit hard and scream analog sunshine. a true treasure for fans of his signature saturated sound and fat driving drums. this edition of 100 cassettes is super-limited so don't sleep and get this magnetic strip in yo tape deck.
    "OFF TAPES 1998-99" is a skateboarder's dream soundtrack and an other-worldly, heavy-hittin' gem we are blessed and honored to present.

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